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Stretching is one of the most important elements for riding and injury prevention. Riding alone will add many imbalances to the body. This affects the body’s ability to be at its optimum in strength, balance and efficiency. The body is balanced by stretching the tight muscles and strengthening the weak ones. When limber, your body will work to its true potential in strength, stability, balance, coordination and efficiency. These are all important factors in order to ride or race at your highest potential.

People spend so much money on safety equipment hoping it will keep them safe, but then do nothing personally to protect their body. You can have every piece of equipment on to protect yourself, but if you are weak and inflexible, then you break. This is the problem with some of the newer equipment available today. It is taking the movement away, or compromising the movements needed to be able to ride a motorcycle correctly. Thus, when people crash on a bike, we are seeing injuries at the body’s weakest point or points. Training improperly or in a compromised position does not strengthen the muscles or tendons that need to be strong and pliable when riding or crashing on a motorcycle.

When you crash, and you will if you ride or race motorcycles, you must keep in mind that it is just part of the sport. It is wise to have your body as prepared as you can when crashing, because believe me it will happen. It’s when the body isn’t pliable enough to take a big hit, that it doesn’t just bend…it breaks.

It is an absolute must to stretch and be prepared for the crashing side of motocross! Stretching helps keep the muscles and tendons loose enough to help the body withstand harsh impacts. It is also great for recovery, relaxing the body and mind and renewing energy.

I have put together a series of stretches on these videos that you will watch that are developed with a motocrosser’s body in mind. These will help with the imbalances I believe each rider has. So follow them as close as you can and be consistent with your stretching game and you will soon find a new energy on and off the track!

Yoga is an amazing way to stretch out and get a little workout at the same time. We have invited Katy Katzmann, owner of Bigram Yoga in Temecula California to demonstrate Yoga movements for you. She teaches beginning movements that you can do! We want to ease all of our athletes into Yoga. Once you realize the benefits you will be hooked. The truly dedicated athletes are the ones that will take advantage of Yoga and have an edge over their competition!