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Thank you for taking the time to visit Ryno Power Gym…

… and for having interest in what I am teaching to the sport that we all love so much. I wanted to make a site that I could share all my ways, ideas and experiences to the MX sport worldwide. I realize not everyone has the time, money or luxury to be able to come to California to train with me; nor do I have the time to travel to all the places around the world that I would like to. This was the best way for me to reach out to MX athletes around the world to teach my new techniques as well as help with their workouts, riding and nutrition. On this site, you will find we have broken each category into different sections, so navigate around it and explore!

In gym movements, you will find my functional movements on video. Motocross asks a lot of the body and requires it to be strong, stable, coordinated and balanced with speed, intensity and focus. No other sport asks this much at once, so it is very important to train smart, not hard, in order to make improvements in your riding. The cool thing with this website is that you can build your own workouts through these video movements, or you can follow the workouts I have personally set up. Also be sure to check out the stretching section to improve imbalances most motocross riders deal with.

Riding technique will cover all the tips I have come up with over my years of riding and racing, as well as those tips that top pros are using today. We filmed these moves, slowed them down and voiced over so you can see what I am talking about as we go through each movement. These techniques will help with your speed and safety because you are only as fast as your speed and technique will allow! I see so many young riders that are riding and racing with a lot of guessing going into their day-to-day programs and equations, as well as many that just try to go fast by twisting the throttle. Now that is dangerous! These videos will help improve all aspects of the technicalities involved with riding.

We are very excited about our RynoPowerGym recipe and nutrition sections. Here you will learn what to eat, when to eat it and the science behind eating right. You will learn that eating right does not always mean giving up on the foods you love. You can just use this site to learn healthier ways to eat them!

Being and living a healthy lifestyle are imminent to the performance of your body. It is not the bike that wins the race. I have won major races on all five brands of motorcycles and I can tell you from experience, it is YOU that wins the race! We will teach you how you can run on race gas through our great recipes and nutritional know how. Here you will find info about food, simple great tasting recipes and healthful tips. My wife Jen is in charge of these areas and passionate about them. (Jen Hughes has studied nutrition through numerous courses and is currently working on her certification as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. She has also lead a Gluten Free diet since 2001. Here you will find recipes that are a combination of her own and spin offs from some of the best chef’s in the country with her healthy twist of course!)

– Ryan Hughes